Buy Augmented Reality (AR) souvenirs.

We currently stock the unique Namibian San fridge magnets in nine different designs (kindly scroll down to see the samples).

Each design comes with its own embedded digital content, which you will be able to view on a smartphone when you scan the magnet with the phone. This content is made possible by a technology called augmented reality (AR).

Once you have purchased a magnet, you will need to download a free AR application to view the digital content. The application is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. Kindly use the links provided below. (Access the links from the mobile device you intend to use to view the content.)

When you have downloaded the application, launch it and aim your device camera towards the magnet. You will now be able to view the AR content that has been created together with Namibian San communities

If you wish to purchase one of the magnets, please send us a request via email on info[at]

You can view samples of the images on the magnets. Click on image to zoom

Download the App for Android devices

iOS App will be Available Soon