Our Main Services

When you work with us, you also support people from marginalised backgrounds. Our projects build their skills and ensure that they get a fair return on their contribution.

Find tech talent

We host EVENTS FOR NETWORKING AND SCOUTING through our innovation bazaars and other activities, such as hackathons. We create an enabling environment for you to find the right human resources to your needs. We offer 1-ON-1 OPPORTUNITIES by facilitating mentee to mentor relationships.
Lastly, we offer TALENT SCOUTING SERVICES and welcome requests for finding a talent for your specific needs.

Request a service

If you want to bring your tech idea to the market, we can help you to commercialize your vision. We provide innovation services such as, PITCH A CHALLENGE, where we can assist you in finding the right solutions to tech problems you need to solve PRODUCT AND SERVICE DEVELOPMENT by providing Ideation, improvement, testing, validation assistance. MARKET RESEARCH.to test out market viability of a concept or prototype. TALENT SCOUTING.to match projects with developers.

Invest in tech innovations

With us, you can invest in Namibian ICT innovations and get a return on your investment.

Sponsor tech innovation

We offer several possibilities for corporate social responsibility, in line with your business or CSR focus. We provide FUNDING to sponsor projects, events, activities or people. In addition to this we also offer IN-KIND SUPPORT by contributing technologies, infrastructure, or other resources.

Start a project

If you have a tech idea that could make a difference in your community or for the nation, We might be able to help by providing CONCEPT SUPPORT. If you are not quite sure how to proceed, we can bring together people and resources to make things happen. We can also assist through MATCHMAKING by looking for a funder or a project to fund which can give you the much needed capital for your idea. Alternatively, we offer BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS CONNECT by putting you in touch with potential partners whose tech needs or capacities are a good match to your idea.

Get involved

With our services, you can easily network and stay abreast of new developments. There are multiple ways to contribute. You can share your EXPERIENCE and mentor students and inventors. Alternatively, you can share your EXPERTISE and provide technical expertise, professional skills and services. Lastly, you can share your NETWORKS and Assist with corporate networking initiatives and engagements. MARKET INSIGHT. Assist with assessing the commercial viability of innovations.