Youth Entrepreneurs Forum

One Economy Foundation

The One Economy Foundation will convene a two part event, under the theme “Rebuilding the capacity, confidence and capital of young entrepreneurs during the COVID-19 pandemic.”  The event will further explore the impact of COVID on young entrepreneurs in an effort to assemble entrepreneurs and experts on topical issues to provide fresh and nuanced perspectives for entrepreneurs. This will be a critical foundational tool in rebuilding and re-imaging the capital, capacity and confidence of young entrepreneurs in a market that is shaken by unprecedented crises.

Aims and Objectives

  • Build resilient minds
  • Providing capital for entrepreneurs during a times of economic turmoil
  • Provide a platform for entrepreneurs to share their lessons learned
  • Strategic brainstorm on digitalization and future proofing businesses

Mental Health Focus

Taking care of our mental health is very vital. Here is a list of Mental Health Assistance Applications that you can download.
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