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Resilient Building Workshop with the Donkerbos Community

Donkerbos Community From the 28th of august to the 01st of September, a Resilient Building Workshop was held with a San community in […]

Innovative prototypes at Swakopmund and Walvis Bay youth (Part 2)

On February 2019, NUST FCI under the Tech HUB grant collaborated with a local youth activist, Ms Lucia Aochamus and the Faculty student […]

The ‘ROOM’ blazes hope at the One Economy Foundation Conference

‘What can you do to make Namibia better for EVERYONE? This is the thematic question that the Inclusive and Collaborative Tech Innovation Hub […]

Intellectual Property Rights workshop with Innovators

Ms Magdalena Nghiiki (standing), an Intellectual Property expert interacting with Innovators. The training that was held on the 9th of August 2019 focused […]

Hub supports Hackathon to develop Counselling digital service

During previous co-design workshops held with Unemployed youth from Havana informal settlement, a lack of access to information was identified as a major […]

Ten tips for young tech inventors from SALT

A partnership between the Tech Hub and SALT Essential IT shows that support does not have to be about money. Advice, networks, and […]

Smart prototypes to solve environmental problems emerges from the ‘I.o.T’ workshop

Participants from Windhoek’s informal settlements, co-crea…

Tech Bazaar connects young inventors to finance and other support

The recently concluded Technology Innovation Baz…

Close to 40 local inventions to be showcased in the Tech Innovation Bazaar

The Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub is…

Hub trains community mediators to access crowdfunding

Access to seed funding makes a huge difference for small community projects. A trained…

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Local innovation needs local investment

Nust teams up with MTC on tech bazaar

Tech heads to showcase work at Innovation Bazaar

NUST to host technology innovation bazaar

Faculty of Computing hosts Tech Innovation Bazaar to highlight research, local inventions

Technology Innovation Bazaar The first ever Namibia Technology Innovation Bazaar!!!

Tech-innovation hub aims to improve business opportunities for vulnerable youth (Source: Namibia Broadcasting Corporation)