A World Within a World: NUST at the Luderitz Crayfish Festival

Imagine stepping into a new reality in a blink. That’s the experience many festival-goers had at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) stall during the Luderitz Crayfish Festival.

The initial look on their faces? A mix of confusion and amusement. All they could grasp is their hands together followed by a “wow” after they have taken a look around the new reality they find themselves in.

“What is this?” “Can I touch it?” – these were the most common questions I was flooded with. The adventurous one dove right in, eager to interact with the virtual world. Others, a little more cautious, stood back and took it all in while they await further instructions.

The NUST stall was filled with a bunch of activities. Our admin team was there to answer questions about the university, detailing the exciting courses and programs offered. The Hikakuse team kept the crowd entertained with trivia quizzes related to NUST, the festival itself, and anything else that sparked their curiosity, and the victor will receive good prizes and our VR corner. Here, festival-goers got to experience two immersive virtual games: a thrilling San hunting adventure and  Escape Room Candy Land.

We even had some esteemed guests join the fun! The Mayor of Luderitz and the Vice President were among the VIPs who couldn’t resist trying out our VR experiences.

The Luderitz Crayfish Festival wasn’t just about showcasing technology; it was about igniting dreams. Local school students came to our stall, many wide-eyed with wonder. Some came simply to experience the VR games, but for others, it was a turning point.

As they explored virtual landscapes  challenges, a spark ignited in their eyes. They saw the possibilities that NUST could offer – a world where education wasn’t just textbooks and lectures, but a place where learning was an immersive adventure.

I also had the privilege of one-on-one sessions with these curious students. It wasn’t just about answering questions about NUST; it was about sparking a dream or two. We talked about their interests, their aspirations, and how NUST could help them achieve them.

Seeing their faces light up as they envisioned themselves as future scientists, engineers, or artists at NUST was incredibly rewarding.

The Luderitz Crayfish Festival, is annual event held since 2008, is a vibrant celebration of the town’s rich culture and heritage. It offers a diverse mix of activities – from mouthwatering seafood displays and traditional cuisine to captivating entertainment, stylish fashion shows, and bustling corporate events.

This year, NUST brought a touch of the future to the festival, showcasing the potential of virtual reality to educate, entertain, and spark curiosity. It was an experience that left many festival-goers with a sense of wonder and a glimpse into a world of new possibilities.

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