Empowering Voices: A Journey in Donkerbos Community

In the heart of Donkerbos community, nestled amidst challenges and unwavering resolve, a team of four researchers embarked on a transformative journey from 06-09 November 2023. Their mission? To advance a podcasting project aimed at amplifying the rich tapestry of community voices.

Guided by detailed instructions meticulously crafted, the team delved into the intricacies of podcast creation, and navigated the diverse landscapes of social media platforms like Mighty Network, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Business. These guidelines, designed to empower, serve as enduring resources, equipping the community to navigate complexities long after the workshops conclude.

Yet, as with any journey, challenges emerged. Unfavorable weather conditions and unexpected delays tested both the team’s and the community’s resolve. But through resilience and determination, they persevered.

One standout moment was JD’s facilitation of a VR session with community member Samkao Magot. Through patient guidance, JD empowered Samkao to operate the VR, enabling him to share this innovative technology with his peers and later on in the City of Windhoek at the MTC Tech Innovation Bazaar. JD and Selma worked on the non-player characters’ (NPC’s) color coordination on the previous research trip and on the current trip, JD went to seek validation from the women in the community, ensuring inclusivity and representation.

Prof Katja and Chris played pivotal roles, lending their expertise and support to both projects, fostering an environment of collaboration and learning.

As the team bid farewell to Donkerbos, the impact of their efforts lingered. Empowered voices echoed through the community, resonating with the promise of change and progress.

In the end, it wasn’t just about advancing a project; it was about fostering connection, amplifying voices, and empowering communities to chart their own paths towards a brighter future. And in Donkerbos, that journey had only just begun.

Phase: Ongoing


Project Partners: UNESCO, MTC, and NUST

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