First innovation on the market

The Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub today launched its first product to the market, as the San youth working with the Hub began the sale of their augmented reality (AR) fridge magnets at the 2nd African conference for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in Windhoek.

The magnets are a new product in the Namibian souvenir market targeted mainly at tourists who visit Namibia. The AR magnet is a fridge magnet displaying a photograph of San traditions. It looks like any other fridge magnet. However, it comes with a smartphone app. When a user scans the magnet with the app, their phone displays video content, which immerses them in a video experience of the particular practice portrayed in the magnet image.

There are ten different magnets, each with a different image and video content. Practices covered include hunting, dancing, perfume production, and healing.  

The magnets and their content were designed by San youth living in Windhoek and in Donkerbos. In the process, they learned skills needed in market surveying, product conceptualisation, video production, marketing, and sales management. They will also be able to teach these skills to other members of their communities and to develop new products.

Our corporate partner in the development of this innovation was MTC, who donated 15 smartphones to the San youth. These phones were used in video production.

The magnets are being sold for the price of 100 Namibian dollars per magnet. Profits are shared between the innovators in the San community in Donkerbos and the San youth who specialise in marketing and selling the product.

Should you like to buy a magnet or find out more about the project, kindly contact the Tech Hub Community Coordinator, Ms. Helena Afrikaner (helena [at]

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