Hub develops ‘The Room’ – augmented reality (AR) installation base

The Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub will soon be exhibiting ‘The Room’, an installation base for augmented reality (AR) installations.

The Room combines an augmented reality (AR) technology solution with a base structure that can be used and remodelled for interactive installations on different topics concerning inclusivity, equality, and citizen engagement.

The structure is built of two walls, one made from corrugated iron and the other one from painted wood. This is to portray the shacks and comfortable homes that both exist in Namibia – a physical probe, which invites users to reflect on the augmented reality content in the context of the inequalities that prevail in our society.

The room is equipped by a set of everyday objects to which augmented reality content can be associated. Depending on the installation topic and audience, the objects may be changed as need be.

The augmented reality content linked to the objects may be images, text, video, or audio. It only becomes visible and audible on the smartphones that activate it at a close distance. This creates an intimate space between the user, the room, and the augmented content, encouraging the user to take a moment to silently reflect on social issues and their potential roles in these issues.

The first exhibition of the Room will be at the 2nd African conference for Human Computer Interaction in Windhoek 5–7 December 2018, where the installation theme is Social Justice.

We are looking forward to collaborating with partners on new adaptations on the structure. For more information, kindly contact Veera Virmasalo (veera [at] or by phone 081 703 3016).

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