NamStarter: Havana’s crowdfunding platform

The Tech Hub is supporting a running project in Havana…

People’s Primary School Interactive tech library

Children are co-creating tech innovations…

Augmented reality Souvenirs

The San did it again, first augmented reality magnets…

Mobile app to address GBV, sexual health & HIV/AIDS

The Inclusive and Collaborative…

Digital Road safety campaigns

We are concerned with Namibia, being one of the countries with the highest death toll by car

Tech-innovation hub aims to improve business opportunities for vulnerable youth (Source: Namibia Broadcasting Corporation)

Hub trains community mediators to access crowdfunding

Access to seed funding makes a huge difference for small community projects. A trained…

Advice from creative thought leaders

Our sincere thanks for the design session participants who let us borrow their spark.

Tech Hub tickles interest at innovation conference

“I am truly amazed by it”, “such an interesting idea”, “why have we

Hub welcomes new staff

The Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub welcomes the following new staff members.