Indigenous Journalism in Donkerbos

Project Description

The Community Broadcast Project in Donkerbos aims to empower the Ju/’hoansi community by creating podcasts using platforms like Mighty Network. Through sharing oral traditions and addressing socio-political issues, it provides an alternative to conventional journalism, amplifying the NUKA voices. Supported by UNESCO and MTC, this initiative fosters dialogue on socio-cultural justice and preserves indigenous heritage.

Co-designing and implementing independent journalism and archiving with the indigenous San community in Donkerbos through a self-sustainable model.

The Community Broadcast Project is a transformative initiative aimed at empowering the Donkerbos community by creating podcasts through content creation platforms like Mighty Network. The project seeks to address socio-political challenges through sharing oral traditions and contentious issues of a local community with a wider rapidly transforming society. The primary goal is to provide an alternative to traditional journalism, enabling community members to share their content and have a meaningful voice in the public sphere. The community broadcast platform, an integral part of the project, allows individuals to create and share various media content, including audio, video, pictures, and text. This platform serves as a means to disseminate cultural heritage practices, indigenous knowledge, everyday stories from the bush, and socio-political statements, engaging a wider audience in a dialogue for socio-cultural justice and safeguarding cultural heritage, including indigenous languages. We acknowledge the financial support from UNESCO and  MTC. 

Links below to all Donkerbos Media Platforms

Phase: Ongoing


Project Partners and Support received:

  1. UNESCO: Funded the project
  2. MTC Namibia: Funded the project
  3. Donkerbos Community
  4. NUST in kind

Awards and Accolades: None


Publications: None

Contact for Information

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