VR Cultural Learning with OvaHimba

Project Description

The Indigenous Knowledge (IK) cluster at NUST collaborates closely with the OvaHimba community in Otjisa village, near Opuwo, to preserve their cultural heritage. Utilizing VR technology, the project aims to create an immersive educational experience for primary school children, fostering a deeper understanding of OvaHimba culture. Financial support from MTC Namibia and collaboration with the community are acknowledged

Co-designing an Immersive Virtual Reality Cultural Learning Experience with an OvaHimba Community

The IK research cluster, has fostered a close collaboration with the OvaHimba community residing in the village of Otjisa, situated approximately 40 km outside the town of Opuwo. This community represents an authentic OvaHimba homestead, offering invaluable insights into their cultural practices. With the overarching goal of preserving and promoting intangible cultural heritage, the project endeavors to create a culturally valid representation of OvaHimba traditions using virtual reality (VR) technology. One of the objectives is to cater for primary school children, the immersive VR experience aims to provide an engaging and educational platform for learning about OvaHimba culture. By leveraging VR technology, the project seeks to bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern educational tools, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of indigenous cultures. We acknowledge the financial assistance of MTC Namibia  and the close collaboration of the OvaHimba community.

Phase: Ongoing

Project Partners and Support received:

  1. Otjisa Community
  2. MTC Namibia: Funded the project
  3. NUST


Awards and Accolades: None


Publications: None

Contact for Information

For more information on the Tech Hub’s work with the app, you can contact us, info [at] ictechhub.com

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