Information for Innovators

The Innovation Bazaar aims to bring innovators and their ideas together as well as connect them to investors, key industry stakeholders, mentors and partners in order for them to market their innovative ideas with the objective of incubating and absorbing their ideas into the market.

Registration for the innovators to take part in the Innovation Bazaar ended on the 10 of September, with a whooping 154 submissions. Out of the 154 entries only 55 were successful.

Successful Innovators will be required to submit a three-minute video explaining and illustrating your innovation and it will be submitted on the 21st of September 2020 at 10:00 am.

Innovators will also go through a series of workshops and training which aim to help you furnish and develop your ideas further.

The Innovation Bazaar will divided in 5 sessions and each innovation will fall under one of the sessions:

Agriculture and IoT

The Agriculture and IoT session will house innovations and ideas that incorporate agricultural and IoT functions, as well as ideas that expand service delivery in these fields.


The health session will house innovations and ideas that expands on impeccable service delivery in the health sector. It will also house innovations that help with mental health because mental health is also as important as physical health.

Finance and E-commerce

The Finance and E-commerce session will house innovations and ideas that work towards accessible and improved financial service delivery.

Communications and Media

The Communications and Media session will house Innovations that incorporate communications and media functions for improved communication media service delivery.


The Education session will house innovations that speak up for education to be accessible, inclusive and fun. The innovations include functions such as games, tests and quizzes for a better learning experience.