Information for UNDP Challenge Participants


Traditional approaches to development are struggling to keep up with today’s social and environmental challenges.

These 21st century challenges are difficult to address because they are fast-moving, connected with other challenges, and often getting worse despite our best efforts to address them.

As part of the Tech Innovation Bazaar 2020, the UNDP Accelerator Lab Namibia is putting out a challenge to all developers, tech-ies and digital gurus to develop a payment solution which informal traders / vendors can utilise country-wide.

Challenge parameters:

The Challenge focus is on the informal economic sector and we are calling for solutions to help informal traders / vendors who do not necessarily have access to a smartphone for them to be able to:

  • Register their services / products at a dedicated platform or space;
  • Manage their bills and transactions;
  • Help keep records of both stock and transaction;
  • Help track who their customers are;
  • Indicate availability of stock on line to customers
  • The ability of the solution to bridge to scale

Challenge Requirements

BoN Rules and Regulations

To have a broader understanding of the challenge and what exactly is required by UNDP please open the document below.

The challenge should incorporate a payment system. Please have a look at the rules and regulations put in place by BoN when working with payment systems.

Participates who sign up for the challenge will receive Solution prep training that will take place on the 18th September 2020. The Solution prep training will incorporate a Pitch training session and it will provide guidelines on what to include in your pitch presentation.

Participants will be expected to please submit a pitch presentation (video, PowerPoint, or other) on the 21st September at 10h00am. Please send your submission to:

Selected Participants will then be required to present/pitch their idea solutions at at the bazaar on the 25th September.

Approximately N$70 000 has been allocated for the acceleration of the selected solutions.