Oupa David’s story

My name is Dawid Kleinbooi. I am very old, even so old that my memory is not always working properly. But I know that I miss the olden days when we lived in the nature.

When I was young, I used to hunt a lot. I hunted duiker, kudu and eland. They are all antelopes. I would go on my own but if I caught something, I would give to everyone.

I still know how to hunt but I can’t do it anymore. Even if I was younger, I would not be able to because we are not allowed to do it.

You are asking so many questions about today but I am not sure what I should say because the past is the only thing I want to talk about.

I think it is good if people elsewhere get to know about us. Maybe that way we can get more clients for the magnet souvenirs we made (https://ictechhub.com/buy-augmented-reality-souvenirs).

We would also like to start a number of income-generating projects for the community.

The main thing is that we have do not have any means to help the kids in the community. That is why they drop out of school in grade 8 or 9 and do not go further in studies and life.


Oupa David’s community, Donkerbos, has designed several income-generating projects that they want to start. Please consider donating seed money to them through the crowdfunding campaign on https://sanstarter.ictechhub.com/

If you are in Namibia, you can also support the community by purchasing one of the unique fridge magnet souvenirs they have made in collaboration with the ICTechHub. Oupa David is performnig on the hunting-themed magnet. For more information, see https://ictechhub.com/buy-augmented-reality-souvenirs

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