Augmented reality: Past Space

The augmented reality: past space focused on the past, combining different cultural fragment pieces of scenes that presented the livelihood and characteristics of individuals who lived before, their practices and culture.

Learners experiencing the Past space installation

The installation gave its visitors an insight of the happenings of the past and how certain tribes lived and the traditions that they practiced right after Namibia gained its’ independence. The installation further allowed visitors to be able to learn from the past in the best interactive way possible, and this was planned by giving the user the ability to not only interact but also to culturally and geographically place certain individuals in the past on their respective location based on traditions and their practices.

Augmented Reality Past Space Installation

The installation made use of augmented reality, this technology gave the visitors a great experience as they interacted with the installation. The installation acted as a puzzle that they had to solve differentiating and locating where certain people lived in the past, their tribal roots and the traditions that they practiced. The installation educated the visitors and allowed to gain knowledge and understanding about our past.

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