The SoundScape

Visitor going through SoundScape Installation

The soundscape provided an audio based interactive experience to the exhibition visitors. It focused on the theory of mindfulness and behavioral change as visitors had a choice of action that determine a particular output of results. This approach allowed visitors to realize the positive or negative consequence of the choices that they make. It outlined the numerous thoughts and opinions the youth have that are not being heard by leaders and the people who have authority to make sustainable changes that would better their future. Hence, the installation served as a platform where youth could voice out certain ideas or opinions freely that they are unable to voice out due to respect and fear for higher authority, and/or perhaps are not confident about talking about their views.

Visitors interacting with SoundScape Installation

The soundscape further aimed at allowing visitors who were drawn and escaped to the loud chaos, be able to silence the voice chaos simultaneously or singularly until they are able to make sense of a certain voice projection. This approach served as a way to indicate that only when people act and try to silence the noise, only then, do people actually hear the opinions and views of others and in so they determine the information that is useful to them and information that is not useful.

Visitors interacting with SoundScape Installation

The exhibition aimed to reach out to visitors and educate them about Namibian youth and how they are living in the post-colonial era. The exhibition shed light on the problems and struggles that were encountered as well as suppressed views possessed by the youth about the present and possible future of Namibia. It further hoped to enlighten people who have authority and are influential political and economical positions to include the youth in future decisions made in the present

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