LAUNCH OF THE Havana Youth Café

The launch of the Havana Youth Café that took…..

Versatile Spin the Bottle Game Promotes Good Mental Health

The digital ‘’spin the bottle’’ game was a hit……

Technology Innovation Bazaar

The Innovation Bazaar was hosted from the 23rd – 25th of September 2020

Homeless Application Project

Since Namibia gained independence 30 years…

COVID-19 Survival Kit for Youth Entrepreneurs: Innovation

The Covid-19 Survival Kit…

COVID-19 Survival Kit for Youth Entrepreneurs: Mental Health

The Covid-19 Survival Kit….


UNDP in collaboration with the IctechHub, Green…..

Tech Hub experiences from the first Havana Expo

A good community initiative that would have needed more support.

The PhotoBooth

The PhotoBooth installation was a representation of the past. It incorporated iconic pictures of freedom fighters that were used as backgrounds for pictures taken by visitors.

Its’ aim was to create a euphoric feeling of being on picture next to one of the great iconic figures and freedom fighter. The picture would then serve as a souvenir.

Another important aspect of the Photobooth instalation was to have fun and similarly to be part of the exhibition. The Photobooth likewise, was a platform for friends and family members to connect and learn. Visitors had to choice between taking a picture with one iconic figure or all. The Photobooth allowed for people to think about the sacrifices and motivations that freedm fighters had to fight for their country and it gave the visitors a feeling of being part of it and they could to some extend relate to the struggle.

Provoking questions game

The questions game installation represented the future that we are busy constructing now. The decisions that we currently making and the actions that are taking today will forge and build the future that we want. The installation attempted to provoke the so they start thinking about the issues being faced and those that are affecting them and society today. It further allowed to understand that these issues are also directly linked to the past. The decision and actions taken in the past build the future which is today. The game additionally provides insight for the youth, so that they can act and work towards changing the status quo. The areas of focus identified were inclusivity, education, regulation and identity.

Visitor interacting with question game installation

The installation attempted to draw youth and allow them to think consciously for them to start engaging in issues that affect them and the future of Namibia. By asking questions about issues being faced today and addressing them, solution can be found and mistakes will not have to be repeated. Hence, the game gives an opportunity to the visitor to reflect of current issues and also contribute to solution finding by giving their views.