Research briefs at Technology Innovation Bazaar 2019

Indigenous Knowledge in the Digital World
[Wednesday 22 May 11h-12h30]

Session Chair: Chris Muashekele

Time Topic Speaker

Otjiherero praises and the genesis and structure of knowledge on Wikipedia: A roadmap

Peter Gallert

Peter Gallert

Crowdsourcing appropriation by Indigenous communities

Colin Stanley

Colin Stanley
11h40-12h00 A community perspective on the digitalisation of Indigenous Knowledge and a reflection on recent transfers to other Ovahimba communities

Uariaike Mbingi, Community representative from Otjisa

(translator: Alphons Koruhama)

12h00-12h15 Enhancing Indigenous Knowledge through Information and Communications Technology Edwin Blake, University of Cape Town

Indigenous Knowledge in Digital World Projects overview

Gereon Koch Kapuire

Gereon Koch Kapuire

Digital transformation
[Wednesday 22 May 14h-15h30]

Session Chair: Jude Osakwe

Time Topic Speaker

Transforming emergency care in resource constrained environments through digital innovation

Gloria Iyawa

Gloria Iyawa

Designing mobile first predictive analytics application: design principles

Gabriel Tuhafeni Nhinda

Gabriel Tuhafeni Nhinda



Child online safety

Josphina Muntuumo

Josphina Muntuumo

Child online Protection,

Jennyphar Kahimise, Holger Antonio, Fungai Bhunu Shava

Holger Antonio and Jennyphar Kahimise

Smart and Secure Environment
[Thursday 23 May 11h00-12h30]

Session Chair: Mercy Chitauro

Time Topic Speaker

A Lightweight Authentication Architecture for Unsupervised Internet of Things (IoT) in Smart Home Applications

Attlee M. Gamundani, Amelia Phillips, Hippolyte N. Muyingi

Attlee M. Gamundani

Assessment of Spear Phishing User Experience and Awareness: An Evaluation Framework Model of Spear Phishing Exposure Level (SPEL) In Namibian Financial Industry

Viktoria Shakela, Hussin Jazri

Viktoria Shakela

Intelligent Speech Recognition System for Home Automation in Namibian Environment

Anton S. Limbo, Dharm Singh Jat

Anton S. Limbo

Designing an energy efficient mechanism for mobile applications

Simon Muchinenyika, Hippolyte N. Muyingi

Simon Muchinenyika



A Symptomatic Framework to Predict the Risk of Insider Threats

Joris Stani Ikany Mpemba, Jazri Husin

Joris Stani Ikany Mpemba

Big Data: Infrastructure and Analytics
[Thursday 23 May 14h-15h30]

Session Chair: Hippolyte N. Muyingi

Time Topic Speaker

Image processing

Edmore Chikohora

Edmore Chikohora

Storing Schemaless data.

Alex Shipena, Jose Quenum

Alex Shipena

Application of Social Media Analytics to Business Intelligence in Namibia

Mohammed Shehu, Nobert Jere, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus

Mohammed Shehu

NUST Faculty of Computing and Informatics Demos and Posters at the Tech Innovation Bazaar

For Namibia University of Science and Technology Faculty of Computing and Informatics research demos at the Bazaar, kindly see this pdf-document containing descriptions of the following demos:

  • “Interactive museum visitors’ multi-platform mobile application” Herman Kandjimi
  • “A GPS Enabled Mobile Application for the City of Windhoek Bus Service”
    Elizabeth Deapo Ndeshitile & Gabriel Tuhafeni Nhinda
  • “A GPS Based Tracking System to Monitor Farm Animals (Goats)” Jovita Mateus, Prof Guy-Alain L Zodi
  • “Indigenous Knowledge Safeguarding Technologies” Donovan Maasz, Michael Chamunorwa, Colin Stanley, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus
  • “Onlinicus – Share Your Story Game” Josephina Mikka-Muntuumo and Prof Anicia Peters
  • “Designing a Gamified Career Guidance System for Namibian Learners” Annastasia Shipepe and Prof Anicia Peters
  • “Health Informatics demo”
    by Suama Hamunyela


For Namibia University of Science and Technology Faculty of Computing and Informatics research demos at the Bazaar, kindly see the following: