Digital Road safety campaigns

Project Description

We are concerned with Namibia, being one of the countries with the highest death toll by car accidents worldwide. Thus in support of numerous national campaigns we are exploring different digital approaches, such as sound-driven alerts, augmented reality, and persuasive technologies. In 2018, NUST in partnership with Flensburg University of Applied Sciences (FUAS) in Germany run a student initiated Road Safety awareness campaign in Namibia from the 17th – 28th of May 2018. The multi-media campaign under the tag #weareone consisted of radio, social media as well as posters. The campaign was supported by NBC who broadcasted a series of 20 second radio ads, which through the use of an associated jingle, aimed to create a deeper sense of consideration for the lives lost on Namibian roads. While the accompanying social media video intended to increase the reach of the campaign across the country. A second campaign prototype was created by NUST interaction design students using multi-media augmented reality wooden blocks.
Both prototypes are a starting point for further ideations on how to reach various audiences responsible for road accidents.

Phase: Ideation

Project partners and support received
  1. NUST and University Flensburg, in kind
  2. NBC free radio broadcasts
Support needed

Funding for the development of more detailed data analysis, strategies and targeted technologies

Contact for information

For more information on the Tech Hub’s work with the app,you can contact Logan Fransman lfransman[at]

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