Augmented Reality (AR) souvenirs

Project description

This is one of our inclusive innovation projects whereby members of the different San groups in Namibia have been involved in the production process of the augmented reality fridge magnets from the onset. Having observed a continuous trend in the souvenir branch of travellers collecting fridge magnets, the curiosity about the traditional San practices as well as the potential of emerging technologies with a relatively simple implementation effort such as augmented reality we invested into the product development. Members of the San youth in Windhoek produced a first set of prototypes and conducted a tourist market survey to determine desired fridge magnet’s images and associated media. Together with the Donkerbos San community the magnet imagery and media was conceptualised and produced. The augmented reality apps were developed and uploaded on on-line app stores and the first set of magnets has been sold at a conference in Windhoek. Clients can purchase the magnet and then download the app for free.

Phase: In the market

Project partners & Support received
  1. Seed funding for the entire production by the Finish Embassy of Finland in Windhoek
  2. NUST, in kind
  3. MTC smart phones for the San
Support needed

We are looking for partners who can support the marketing and sales of the fridge magnets

Business model

The tech hub recovers production costs, while the profit is shared among the innovator San
community in Donkerbos and the selling and marketing San.


info [at]

The “San Augmented Reality Souvenirs” project was nominated as a national innovation and then entered into the WSA Shortlist 2019. Out of more than 400 submissions worldwide, we are happy to announce that the Augmented Reality Souvenirs project is one of the 100 projects that were shortlisted during the first round for further evaluation. For more information, read the report

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